Friday, 18 October 2013

Bowling For Soup

Me and Holly went to see Bowling for Soup last night and it was just the most incredible thing ever. It's such a unique feeling to be in a crowd of people who all love what is happening as much as you, singing the words together and seeing the people you watch on the tele right in front of your eyes.

From singing 'High School Never Ends' in Year 9 and assigning someone in our friendship group to all of the different names mentioned, to having the band right in front of my eyes, breathing the same air, under the same roof. It's all so strange and overwhelming, but so wonderful!

The fact that it will never happen again - due to it being their Farewell UK tour and no festivals offering the intimacy of a gig like that - made it even more special. It almost seemed like the perfect 'farewell' to the girl in me that did her real growing up listening to their songs, I woke up this morning feeling old (literally - I ache beyond repair) like the stage of my life their music represents has been put to bed, I've gotta grow up now and be serious - at least until I get a place at University.

Don't get me wrong, I will never, ever stop loving music like that. There's nothing like a pop-punky song that you can't help but grin too. But, it was their Farewell UK Tour, it can't help but be the end of an era. For them. For me.

Anyone reading this who knows me will know how much I hate change. I feel sick with fright right now, but recently I've learnt to just shut up and get on with it. I'm not as confident about it as I sound, trust me! But I'm just gonna have to be brave!

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