Friday, 13 December 2013

December, already?!

I've been pretty busy this past month and a half and haven't really had chance to post or reset the password I'm always forgetting.

I'll sum up what's going on and what I'm happy about;

  • I have sent off my UCAS and got four University offers so far! I'm really happy about that
  • I'm still driving and I passed my theory test in November, woo!
  • Blink-182 are headlining Reading and Leeds!
  • Game of Thrones Series 3 has started showing on the tele so I can finally find out what happens
  • I went in a limo for the first time for Amy's 18th!
  • I finally got a new coat
  • I also got a cold :(
  • I got the English Language and Psychology awards at sixth form. I'm not bragging (honest!), I'm just happy that someone thinks I'm doing good!
  • I had a Big Beef Melt at Subway and it was so tasty! Damn!

What's happening with you guys?
I've changed the blog again - it made my eyes hurt a bit how it was. It looks kinda retro now.

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