Monday, 16 December 2013


Walking along my road in darkness, my earphones playing music loud enough so I'm unable to hear my shoes touch to the tarmac, but not so loud that I can't hear the wind disrupting the overhanging branches. The streetlights so sparse that in between them there is almost no light, except the reflection of the previous in the rainwater that is glazing the ground. I'm wearing a coat and a scarf, but the bare skin on my hands and face is prickling in the bitter air.

Timing my strides to the drum beats of the songs, unable to hear my feet making contact, the amber reflections seemingly swirling through my squinting eyes. I start to lose grasp of where I am and what I am. I am so full of adrenaline that walking takes no effort, I feel like I'm floating across the ground; the ground which is spinning and swirling like gold glitter being blown around in water.

The volume of the song is so comfortable that I close my eyes and for a time none of my senses are alerting me to where I am or if I am. I feel like I could be in space. I feel like I am in the song. I feel so at peace and out of body.

It doesn't last for long, but the moment was a euphoria and a relief.

What is it that reminds us we're 'here'?

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