Monday, 5 August 2013

Minimalist Tattoos are kuhl

Now I like LA Ink, and I like Art in general, but I have never really wanted any tattoos of my own. Maybe that is because no one in my family has ever liked them, never mind had one themselves, and I've grown up thinking that it was an off limits kind of thing, as terribly restricted as that sounds.

Over the past few years I have really started to appreciate tattoos, and how, designed, placed and done correctly, they can make your body space look awesome, and accentuate your body rather than cover it. A good tattooist is not only an incredible artist, but also knows a lot about the human body and has a real understanding for what will look great and what will look shit and will want to get laser-ed off.

The thing that scares me the most is the permanence. I mean, I don't have commitment issues, it's just the fact that something I may want one day might not be something I want 10 years down the line. Or maybe I just haven't thought of the right tattoo yet. In any case, it is definitely not something I wouldn't take seriously. And that's coming from me.

I love these minimalist tattoos as they are not too bold or structured, they are outlines on the skin, simply dot to dotting a shape on you that could already be there. Like when you look up to the sky at night and see a load of stars, there is no pattern or image. But once you start to look for shapes, you see that there were pictures there all along, and that is the idea I get from these tattoos, that they are just outlining and identifying a shape and picture that is already there. I love them, they're so cool.

My thoughts on what tattoos I would get myself are shown in the images I have picked out for this post. I love nature tattoos, I love the idea of mountains and landscapes. I love the planet tattoos, especially on the woman's chest, so much I would get them myself, but more collected and on a different part of my body, maybe even my ass! I really like space and aliens and stuff, it's just so mind-blowing to imagine what is out there.I have been thinking for a long time about the idea of a simple, singular arrow, after reading a quote that said, 'an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward' or something similar, and it really stuck with me, and I'm not one for cheesy quotes either, I just thought it was clever. I also like the arrow idea because I live close to Sherwood Forest which is the home of Robin Hood, the Disney version of which also happens to be my favourite movie. So, if I was to decide I wanted to get tattooed, that would be my first one I am sure. (And don't tell anyone but that whole idea may secretly be the cause of the name of this blog.)

There we have it, I like minimalist tattoos and maybe some day I will get tattoos myself.

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