Saturday, 27 July 2013

One week into the holidays, already thinking of Schule...

 ...but look at them, look at that print!!

 The bag, which has a long strap as well as a 'briefcase' style handle on the top, was an absolute steal at just £15.00, and the matching purse was £7.99.
Inside the bag there are three compartments, the middle one zipped up, and a small 'change' pocket integrated into the back wall. The bag shuts with two pop-lock straps, and has a cute little space on the front to put your name and details in! I can't wait to make an awesome card to go in there.
The purse is just as great, with a huge coin section, and a space for every single bank, membership and loyalty card you could ever collect.

 Is it wrong I'm almost excited to go back to school with this bag? I love it!

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