Friday, 26 July 2013

I am very emotional these days

Things I have cried at in the last 24 hours:
  • My dogs licking each others' ears - those guys just love each other so much!
  • Some hedgehog shaped road kill
  • A man's wedding vows to his wife; he said that 'when a boy grows up, he leaves his mother and his father to start his own family with a woman who has his mother's love and sensitivity, and his father's strength and guidance' and then he put the ring on her finger
  • WWF tiger advert
  • 3 songs
  • A man telling his wife that she looked really gorgeous on a TV programme
  • My boobies
  • Photographs of when I was little
  • The Friends episode where Ross and Rachel meet before his marriage to Emily
  • The accommodation at Leicester University - I'm rate not sold on uni and I'm just starting to wonder if I'll ever find a place I want to study or a thing I want to study, it makes me feel really unpassionate and crappy.

That is all so far, I am sure I will cry at more stuff whether it be of happiness, sadness, excitement, anger etc., it just seems to be my reaction to everything nowadays. I opened a gate, man.

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