Sunday, 23 June 2013


2013 has already been a big year for arguably the most famous female-fronted band on the scene right now, with the release of their fourth studio album, the self-titled 'Paramore', the Australian Soundwave Festival and the constant announcement of new shows and tour dates.

So what is the verdict of 'Paramore'? It has mixed responses, especially from fans of the older and more obvious Paramore style, due to it's influences from pop, electronic and even gospel music. I'm not a professional music reviewer myself, but I happen to quite like it, in a 'guilty pleasure' sort of way.

Hayley Williams, the vibrant-headed lead singer, has also announced that she will be teaming up with MAC cosmetics to create a line of 'coral' makeup, inspired by her famous orange locks, there is not much information to date but this is definitely something I wanna keep up on, as I imagine it will be pretty damn cool!

Paramore recently performed at Radio 1's Big Weekend, one of their very first shows back in the UK since the album release. Here is my personal favourite 'live' song of theirs, 'Let the Flames Begin', performed there in May;

I think, if anything, they have only got better and more energetic on stage as Hayley's confidence and ability grows, and the new songs show off her voice even more.

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